There are Tourists and Travelers...

The Tourist is looking for relaxation, visits, his temporary well-being to recover from his fatigue and this in a pleasant setting.
The Traveller seeks to understand the country he is visiting. It also seeks interaction with the population.

We welcome Travelers!

In this context, we seek interaction with local populations. They welcome us kindly, share their culture with us, enrich us intellectually.
What can we give them, in return, other than our gratitude?

I, who go to meet them, have asked myself this question for a long time.
Without going into misery, their needs are great... But giving them money would be entering into a not very virtuous circle.
Moreover, moving on a motorcycle, the weight and the volume are very quickly a limit.

After having observed these populations for a very long time, I realized that the children (students) only had black or blue ballpoint pens... The color was absent from their drawings .
Felt pens or colored pencils are an inaccessible luxury and therefore non-existent in the stalls, the demand not being there.

However, What is a World without Color?

Hence the project to create "The Colors of Childhood"

The Felt Pen or Colored Pencil is light and compact. Compatible with motorcycle transport.

During the meetings on the Indonesian roads, the distribution of a few markers and colored pencils, will allow children to access the COLORING! Didn't coloring remain, for us, a childhood memory?

"The Colors of Childhood" has just been born through the BaliContact association. You can participate by making a donation.

Donate Here

The money will allow the purchase of markers and colored pencils to distribute during our motorcycle trips in Indonesia.
If you live in Indonesia and want to donate material or money, contact us.

Here and on social networks, we will report to you on our distributions.
Thanks for Them!

** donates 5% of its profits to "The Colors of Childhood".

"Don't Dream your Life, Live your Dreams !"

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