Why "The Yellow Bike"?
All my Adventure bikes are Yellow.
There are 3 reasons you will know if we meet

Most of my life I rode (more than 700,000 kms in 131 countries) solo with my cameras and gears. I appreciate the solitude and being able to ride at my own pace. To the rhythm of encounters, my stomach, my desires including that of peeing...
It's not that I hate the presence of other "Motorcycle Riders". Because I am not a biker but a Motorcycle Traveler who has a thirst for knowledge and encounters that I can share through my photos, my films and my writings.

My life makes a lot of people dream! However, they only see the good side. This is why it is, for me, difficult to ride with people unable to assume the other side of the coin.
Moreover, at my age, I can't stand the ballbusters anymore! I've seen enough of them. The yard is full!
What is a ballbuster?
- The one who will talk to me before my coffee!
- The one who is too hot. Who's too cold!
- The one who doesn't like what's on their plate!
- The one who does not want to pee for fear of being seen! Like if God made her/him different?
- The one who will take without giving.
In fact, the one who always has a fart crooked ... because his/her fart will pollute the beauty of the trip!

However, over the years I have accepted to bring with me "beautiful people", positive and having this thirst for discovery and exchanges.
Indirectly, these people made me realize that I had the ability to transmit and interest the traveler in something other than the motorbike herself. That the motorcycle was a pleasant means of transport but thatTravel remains a lesson of the Life.
The landscapes crossed, the climatology, the geography, the seasons, the natives with their joys, their sorrows, their hopes, the habits and customs, the geopolitics, the economy .... So many things to learn all days !!

The Covid period has slowed down my international travels, but has been thought-provoking!

"TheYellowBike" was born ....

With 2 objectives:
- 1 - Transmitting my knowledge and my Indonesian experience after 30 years on its roads.
For this, with my friend Mario, we created

- 2 - Satisfy my thirst for knowledge and discoveries by sharing it, on a motorbike, with a few people.
If you are interested in discovering Indonesia by motorbike, contact me directly by WA +62 812 3999 1254.

(continued) NEW:... As a biker and professional photographer (NatGeo, BBC World, FujiTV ...), I lead bikers/Photographers (amateurs or professionals) during road trips in Indonesia.


NEW PROJECT: ... "Road Trip Documentary: Blue Eyes" (Completed)

"Don't Dream your Life, Live your Dreams !"

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